Today’s society demands from us all that we work consciously when it comes to the world’s sustainability, focusing on a rationalization of resources, namely the energetic ones. Artificial lighting design is now an emerging need, because of the fact that contemporary societies spend more and more time working during evenings (and nights). Various sociological studies stress the importance of light in human activities, as we know that interferes with one’s mood – it can even make you happy or sad.

LIGHTPLAN – CONSULTING, LIGHTING AND ENGINEERING meets these demands in three essential aspects: lighting design, innovation and technological development.

In its CV, we highlight the development of innovative processes, where renewable energies are of utmost importance. We provide our customers with efficiency- and sustainability-based solutions. To that, we add a team of collaborators who work together, applying their skills from several fields within Architecture and Engineering. Their motivation, the quality of their services and customer satisfaction uphold this company’s commitment towards technology and innovation. We dedicate our activity exclusively to Lighting, Domotics, and Renewable Energies projects and LIGHTPLAN often develops specific lighting prototypes.

Energetic efficiency, allied with formal issues, is of paramount importance when deciding which equipments should be used in the venues, and their functionality implies a constantly accurate use of artificial light.